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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Amazon Books and Deals

Is anyone else an avid reader? I just love a good mystery. Especially the ones with a female sleuth. My library is great by often there is either a long wait for the book I want or they only have part of the series. I a go through books at a good clip so I am always looking for ways to get my books inexpensively.

I love Amazon for books. They have a great selection and I can almost always get the books I want used at a fraction of the list cost. I have sold quite a few there as well. It would almost make it an even swap if it were not for the Amazon commission. Great deal. Oh and remember if you do buy the books new (or other items) and purchase directly from Amazon as long as your total is $25.00 or more you will have most items shipped for free. It is worth looking around the site and checking the deals if you are close to the $25. I get my kids vitamins on Amazon. They cost the exact same as the Vitamin Shoppe and rather than spend my time (about 45 minutes to get there and back) and gas I pick two bottle s up at a time on Amazon and take advantage of the free shipping.

I also use the Amazon wish list for both myself and my kids. Friends and family in the past often asked what the kids would like for birthdays etc. Now it is much simpler. Most of us who exchange gifts have a wish list on Amazon. I try to keep a wide range of price points on the list this way people get get what works for their budget. I also usually have many used books on my wish list to encourage people to recycle and buy previously read books.

I love to shop off other peoples lists. It gives me great ideas. I can plan ahead and take advantage of the free shipping usually. At the holidays it is nice to be able to avoid the lines at the mall.

Keep your eyes peeled for Amazon's Deal of the Day. Every day they have a special deal that is typically a bargain. A few weeks ago I picked up three pairs of Mammoth Crocs for $11 a piece and free shipping. $33 and delivered right to my door!

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