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Monday, January 4, 2010

4 Days Into the Eating From the Pantry Challenge

So we are 4 days into the eating from the pantry challenge and so far so good.  I did stray twice.  Once for a CVS filler and once by accident at Walgreens. I thought I was going to score some free Oreo's but never got the register reward.  Freebies were one of my challenge rule exceptions.

The last two days we have been eating homemade split pea soup.  It's been very good and was made out of the leftover ham from Christmas.  Tomorrow I'm planning on a chicken, veggie, rice casserole to use up some zucchini I have in the fridge.  It's a new recipe so wish me luck. If my family likes it I will post the recipe here in later.

This challenge is really making me savor the idea of a dinner out.  I'm thinking of Chili's 3 Courses 2 People for $20.00 Ad I Have Seen.  I already signed up for their e-mail club in anticipation. When you sign up they give you a coupon for free chips and queso dip.  I know I could make that dip at home but part of the reason it's so tasty is I did not have to make it! The plus side of waiting it that I have some time to score a discounted Chili's gift card on Ebay.

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