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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

DO You Need Some Quick Cash?

   Are you in need of some quick post holiday cash?  One way I have found to easily make some extra pocket money and declutter after the holidays is to sell some things on amazon.
  Amazon is amazingly easy to list items on.  For most items you do not even need to take a photo you can use amazon stock photo's. There are no listing costs like there are on other sites. Any fee's come after the item has sold.  If it does not sell there is no loss at all to you. Nothing lost but experience is gained.
  I love getting books for Christmas but after I have read most of them there is no need to hold on to them.  I'm a bit of a book warm so I have already read two of the three I received for Christmas.  I listed 5 books and two CD's the week after Christmas and all but one have sold.  Yeah for me!

  I love selling books and CD's on Amazon but have also done well with DVD's , small appliance and toys.  All you need is the ISBN or SKU number off the back of your item to sell most things if you have the original packaging.  You can still sell it with out the packaging by using the description.

  Now is a great time to sell on Amazon as so many people received gift cards to Amazon for the holidays.  People see that as free money so they are in the mood to buy.  Plus if you received a "hot" book for the holidays and have already read it it's best to list it now before it is no longer "hot" or develops shelf wear.

Amazon is such a simple and efficient selling site.  Great for both the buyer and the seller.  See my sidebar to the right and enter in your item name to get and idea of what other are selling that item for on the site.  Also remember that you can earn Amazon gift cards with swagbucks.  Swagbucks are a great way to be able to take something off your wish list and into your cart.

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