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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Frugal Thought of the Day

  Always check for marked down or manager specials on meat when at the grocery store.  I scored a pretty good deal on organic, free range, grass fed chicken breasts today just by poking around.  They typically run $5.99 per lb around here and these were $4.39 per lb.  I bought as many as they had. 

  I am still doing the Eat from the Pantry Challenge so these won't be eaten until Feb. It's hard to come by a discount on organic, grass fed free range meat so I stock up when I can.  The store I went to today is known as one of the "cheapest" grocery stores around here so I did not expect to find as much organic meat as I did.  They had very little organic anything else but the meat will make me check back there again.

  I typically do not shop at this particular chain although they are known to be the cheapest.  There are a few reasons why they are not my go to store.  First they do not take printed coupons (about half mine are internet coupons).  Second they do not double coupons like the store I go to most often.  They also do not have a web site or an on line sale flier and the produce is not the greatest.  I only went today because I am  forming a grocery price comparison list.  It's been a real eye opener and I think will help me even further reduce my grocery and household spending.  More on the price list to come.....

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