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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Target Clearnace Deals

  If you have not been to Target this week I would stop by.  They have some really great mark downs that have recently been taken.  I went today to get the $44 Graco booster that was supposed to generate a $20 GC.  Of course they were all out of those but I took the opportunity to score some other great deals while I was there.

  I bought myself a new pair of cross trainer sneakers for $7 and change.  Yeah!!!  I have been working out several times a week for the last few weeks and I know my current sneakers only have a few more months in them. Surprisingly they are actually more comfortable then any other sneakers I have tried in the last few years.

  I also purchased sneakers for my son ($4 and change ) for next year and three pairs of shoes for my daughter for the coming years (each $3 and change).  I think I did very well on the shoe front.  It was under $24 for 5 pairs of new cute shoes!

  I also did my Olay Rebate Deal  purchasing two Regenerest cleansers for $6.14 each.  I also used two P&G 1-3-10 insert coupons (one for $1 off and one for $3.00 off Olay, coupons do vary by region).  All in all it should be a $6.72 money maker.

  The reason I did my Olay Deal at Target as opposed to Rite Aid which is currently running an Olay sale is two fold.  One, my Rite Aid was all out of the lesser cost Olay Items.  The second reason is that with the Olay rebate I have to mail in my original receipt.  If for some reason I never receive my rebate I have 90 days to return the product to Target for a refund as long as I have the card or checking account number I used to pay for the item.  If I purchased it at Rite Aid I would be stuck as you can not make a return there with out a receipt.

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