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Friday, April 22, 2011

More Ways to Get Free Starbucks Coffee and Tea

   So were you able to take part in the great free Starbucks today?  I was so happy that there was one right near where I was running errands today.  I just wish the delicious blueberry scones were not calling to me so loudly while I was there.  Ahh temptation, it sometimes gets the best of me.  Another topic for yet another day. 

  For today I just wanted to let you know not to be to upset if you were not able to partake in today's Starbucks freebie because there are a few other ways to score some free delicious Starbucks coffee.  Free and iced coffee are among my favorite things so I try to pair them as often as I can.

   Here are three other ways you can get free Starbucks coffee with out feeling a pinch of the wallet.
The first is by using and registering your Starbucks gift card.  You will earn points with each purchase towards great tasty treats and you will get a free coffee on your birthday.  Register your card here. But I don't have a Starbucks gift card you say.  Never fear for the second way to score free Starbucks will get you that gift card.  1,300 Swagbucks will get you a $10 Starbucks gift card.  Free Starbucks just for surfing the web, that's for me.  New to Swagbucks, check it out here and do a quick sign up here.  The third way to get that deliciously addicting coffee is to redeem 375 of your Huggies Enjoy the Ride points.  Lets face it those of us with tykes in diapers need lots of coffee so it's a win win.

  Now I know with the weather finally getting nice some of you probably would like to start sipping iced coffee right?  I personally do not like hot coffee.  Weird I know, but well so it is.  My hubby got me the perfect gift this Christmas for any iced coffee drinker.  It's an eco re-useable cold beverage tumbler.  Straw and screw on top included.  I use it every day when I make my coffee at home.  You can also use it at Starbucks to save .10 every time you use it instead of a disposable cup.  Really any time you use a re-useable cup there you save .10.  I know it's not a staggering amount but it's something and just think of the amount of plastic we would save if everyone did it.  Below are some links to places you can buy re-useable tumblers that are fantastic for iced coffee.  Having mine at home keeps me from stopping and picking up coffee on the run.

(This is the one I have )

( I love the purple on this.)

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