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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Victoria's Secret Bra and Panty for $8.50 for Pink Members

  So before I had three kids and only one income in our house I had quite the Victoria's Secret collection.  Well that day has passed and now I only indulge when there is an amazing deal to be had.  Pampering yourself is still pampering yourself when you do it on the cheap.  In fact it's better don't you think?

  Here is the deal.  If you are a Victoria's Secret Pink Nation Member you can print this coupon for a free Pink Runched Back Panty.  The same coupon offers $10 off a Victoria's Secret Pink bra.  The bra must be a full price bra valued at at least $20.  The wording on the coupon says "free runched panty with any pink purchase plus $10 off a Victorias Secret Pink Bra".  They have pink bras that retail at $28.50.

  So now you are saying to yourself, that's all good and fine but that still leaves me paying $18.50 not $8.50.  Well if you saved your Secret Rewards Card (worth at least $10 valid until 4-30-11) the most you will pay for your bra and panty is $8.50.  Possibly less if you  get a higher value rewards card.  The Pink Nation Promo is valid until May 11th and is only valid in select stores.  One free panty and $10 off bra deal per customer while supplies last. 

 If you are not a Pink Nation member sign up here.  Great rewards for no cost.

The Thrifty Momma Says "two enthusiastic thumbs up".

Thanks Hip to Save for the panty deal

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