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Monday, May 16, 2011

Free Scotch Tape at Staples

  OK free tape is great for anyone but especially if you have kids like mine.  My older two love to wrap up everything ( and anything) and are also very crafty.  Free tape is a gift at our house.  Here is how to take advantage of it.  This week at Staples Scotch Magic Tape w/ Dispenser is on sale for .99.  You can go here to print a $1.00 of coupon.  I printed this today and I printed a bunch of this coupon PDF last week to take advantage of the scissors deal at Target. My point being you may have already printed this coupon for another deal as there are several Scotch coupons on the same PDF page and you can print the file over and over and there is no stated limit on the deal.  Lots of free tape!!!

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