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Saturday, May 21, 2011

How I Saved $800 A Year on My Car Insurance

  Yesterday I saved $800 with out leaving my house or going on line.  How you say?  By calling my insurance agent to see if she could get us on with a different auto insurance company.  In all honesty I called not even thinking so much about price but rather because the company that was holding our auto policy had no idea what they were doing.  They sent payments to the wrong accounts, closed open and paid accounts, in a nut shell they were bad but I thought they were the cheapest and that is why hubby and I stayed with them for a few years.

  The other reason we stayed with them was a few years ago when we changed insurance they were the only company that would insure dear lead foot hubby.  You see at that time we had just lost our other insurance due to lead foot syndrome.  For the last four years there have been no tickets for either of us but it did not occur to me to reevaluate the insurance.  Surely it could not be worth the hassle and all the paperwork right?  Wrong.  All I did was call my agent and low and behold with zero paperwork on our end we shaved off over 1/3 of our annual insurance bill.

  If it has been a while since you have changed or updated your insurance and your driving record has improved or your cars have lost value I think you should make the call to your agent.  If you don't have an agent, get one.  It does not cost you one red cent more and they are a lot easier to deal with in my experience.  My next call will be to the life insurance agent when I shed the last 5 lbs.  I was 7 month pregnant when I got that policy and they rated me as overweight because of it.  No kidding 7 months pregnant of course I was overweight.  I think the savings might be good incentive to get that last few pounds of baby weight off.

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