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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Price Check Please. Walgreens Almay Deal

  Just a quick reminder of how important it is to check the price of items as they are ringing up.  I went to Walgreens today to pick up a few items.  One of the items was an Almay foundation / concealer that was on clearance for $2.29 original price $8.99.  My intention was to grab this and use the $3 off Almay coupon from the Walgreens May coupon book so it would be free.  I was also picking up milk and eggs to use up a RR that was going to expire.  Any how the makeup rang up at $8.99.  Thankfully my girls were super well behaved and I was paying attention at the register so the mistake was corrected.  I had purchased this same concealer at another Walgreens last week with the same coupon and it rang up correctly so I was confident that I was right.  Paying attention at the register saved me a $5.99 error.

  If you are headed out to Walgreens the Almay deal should work like this:
$8.99  ( marked down $2.29) Almay under eye concealer / foundation 
- $3.00 Walgreens May Coupon Book coupon
= Free


  1. Thanks a bunch..I got two yay..with three teenage girls you can never have enouch cover-up. I went to like 4 stores and couldnt get any of the body wash...grrrr..People are clearing the shelves...

  2. I will be very happy when "Extreme Couponing" is not the trend. I love my traditional couponing. I walk in with my binder now and I swear I feel all eyes and security cameras on me. No body wash here either.