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Friday, May 13, 2011

Thrifty Lessons of the Day

  The lessons of the day are simple and save a lot.  Lesson one:  Save every coupon for products you use, would like to try or could donate even if you think you will never be able to afford the item even with the coupon and a sale. 

   Lesson number two always check the discount rack at the grocery store.  What you might ask has made me think of these two rules of thumb today?  I just got paid to take a $4.99 mens deodorant out of the store.  That's right I made .50 by buying the deodorant. 

   The deodorant was in the 50% off bin and I had a $3.00 off Gillette deodorant store coupon.  My husband will not use this kind but I had decided to keep the coupon because I could donate the deodorant if I was able to get it free.  I figured odds were not in my favor as the grocery store normally has high health and beauty item prices.  Little things like this make my day.  I saved .50 on my grocery bill and now someone will be able to benefit from the deodorant I will be donating.  It must be my lucky day because this grocery store does not usually allow overage but this time it did. 

  So remember its worth the extra minute to check out the discount bin and save any interesting coupons until they expire.  You just never know.

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