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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Another Reason to Love Making Your Own Baby Food

  Aside from the super savings, great taste and health benefits I love the convenience of making my own baby food..  Did I just say convenience of making my own baby food?  Yep I did.  Not only does it only take a few moments to make generally but it saves me a lot of last minute trips to the store.

  Today is a great example.  We are totally out of jarred baby food so most mothers would have to pack up all the kids and go to the store right?  Instead my kids are outside enjoying the beautiful day and the baby is naping peacefully on a full stomach after eating fresh pears and blueberries..

  This is a great season for fresh produce so even if you do not have a fancy baby food maker you can make some great baby foods using just a blender.  Being able to stay at home today versus hauling everyone to the store is such a wonderful blessing.  May you all enjoy the day as well.

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