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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Money Saving Tip. Cutting the Kiddo's Hair Yourself and Liking It !

  It's summer and time for your kids summer cuts.  Have you tried doing it yourself?  Summer is the time to try it if you have not done it before.  Summer cuts are not going to be in school pictures and if it is not perfect you have some time to let it grow out again before school starts.  It's a great money saver and you don't have to hike out to the salon with your kids in tow.  As a former hairstylist I can tell you from experience that cutting your kids hair is very doable and once you try it a few times I promise you you'll wonder why you did not try it earlier.
   In my area kids cuts are about $12.  Clipper cuts are $8 and bang trims are $4.  So that means for my two older ones to go once every 6-8 weeks it's $24 before the tip.  I don't know about you but I can think of a lot of things to do with $24 that does not involve waiting in a salon with my brood of kids.  I just did my oldest two tonight and I think of it like earning $24 in about a half an hour.

  Here are a few YouTube videos on kids hair cut how two's that I thought were good:

Boys longer scissor cut (non clipper). Also great ideas on keeping your child still and tools you might want to invest in.

Clipper cut  ( A little boring but informative.)

Girls Cuts and Bang Trim  ( There is 20 second ad before the video, bummer but great video.)


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