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Thursday, June 2, 2011

SavingStar New Coupons

  So have you loaded your new coupons onto your SavingStar account?  I'm so bummed I went shopping yesterday and got two items that I thought I had on my account only to get home and realize that yesterday was June 1st and my SavingsStar coupons expired May31st.  I was only bummed for a minute though because in addition to the money I have already been able to save in my Paypal account through this program I realized they just released a bunch of new coupons for this month. 

     Right now they have 58 ecoupons worth $52.  There is a huge variety of items.  Diapers, cleaning products, baking items, personal care, snacks and much more.  Check out the selection here.  If you are new to SavingStar you can use it at most chain grocery and pharmacy stores that have a loyalty card and even some others along with your store and manufacturer coupons. Check out all the details here.

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