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Thursday, July 14, 2011

FREE Printable Lego Instructions. Getting the Most Bang for Your Lego Buck.

  We should have named my son Zack because he is a Lego maniac.  He just loves them and we love that they give him a great creative outlet.  The problem is that once he completes a set it just goes into a huge bin of Lego's and it can become quite random.  He is constantly saving for new Lego sets which I might add can be quite pricey and rarely are steeply discounted ( at least I still think they are pricey even on sale). 

  I have noticed that quite a few of the sets have the same pieces so if you have most of the basic bricks you can make many of the models with some exceptions of course.  With this in mind I decided to see about just getting my hands on some of the the directions for how to build other sets that he does not have but would like to build.

  First I tried Ebay because I thought I might be able to purchase some original directions cheap.  Well maybe for some but for the most part wrongoo.   Some of those puppies go for a mint and even the ones that do not go for a high amount I would have to pay shipping on.  So off I went to search a little more and low and behold FREE printable directions!  I should have thought to look in greater depth at the Lego site first because if you do a little digging you will come to this page where you can print out just about all the Lego instructions ever made.

  I'm thinking that for my sons birthday this year I am going to grab a ton of Lego's at yard sales, consignmet sales and on Ebay ( they sell by the pound for a reasonable amount) and then print out a ton of directions for Lego sets he does not have but use mostly basic pieces.  I think I will make up a binder with sheet savers for all the instructions so they are less likely to get lost.

  A tip for those who sell on Ebay:  Lego's sell very well by the pound and some of the mini figures like Harry Potter figures or action figure Lego figures sell very well on their own.  Just a heads up on that one.

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