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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Yard Sale Momma Tip: Don't Bring Your Five Year Old

  Today was the first real day this year that I had planned to hit some yard sales.  I was hoping to find a few things for my kids for gifts, books to keep our kids book library fresh and possibly a few toys to Ebay.  Well as fate would have it my five year old daughter also woke up early with bargains on the brain as well.

  Last year I went out most Saturday mornings that my hubby was home so I could accomplish two things: Stock up on baby gear and squeeze in some much needed mommy time.  I thought I might be able to accomplish the mommy time this time around but my daughter was on to me.  What can I say she is a future barganista so I admit to being proud when she said she wanted to " grab some yard sale toy deals."

  The reason I typically do not take the kids with me to bargain shop  (or shop at all when possible) is aside from the fact that they bore easily, take more time to get in and out and delete any of my much needed mommy time is they also find lots of great stuff that they simply must have.  They also have been know to yell out " I think you could Ebay this" at many a sale.  Um talk about the hairy eyeball deal breaker from a seller. I spent so much more on this yard sake adventure with my daughter than I even would have had I shopped alone.

  The real killer was though that as I said before I was hoping to score some gifts for the kids for the future.  My five year old loves play sets and all the furniture and figurines that go along with them so I had been hoping to find a Loving Family Doll house at a yard sale this year.  You guessed it, we found a near mint one today with the family and furniture all for only $15.  What can I say mommy is a softie and bought it for her today.  She was THRILLED!!! The only condition was that she had to let me consign her Dora doll house with all the figures that never gets played with anymore.  In with one out with another right?

  All in all it was a fun mother daughter morning but I have to say my wallet is a lot lighter than usual but it is worth it.  Mommy daughter time is priceless.  It would have been a great gift though.  Oh well....I guess that means I will just have to hit the road again on my own another Saturday morning.

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