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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Castoff's to Cash. This Weeks Thrifty Finds and Ebay Treasures

 Wow what a great thrifty week it has been.  I hit the thrift store not once but twice this week!  I have to admit the second go round was not because I had the spare time it was actually because I had to return something but of course I picked up some treasures that I will convert to cash on that trip as well.  The kids and I also hit a yard sale on our way to run errands.  More about that stop at the end because it was a doozie. 

Some Notable Items from Thrift Trip Number One: The links on the right of each item are to completed E-bay listings so you can see if this is something you think you might want to keep you eye out for or not.

  1. Hall teapot with cozy.  These can really be a home run.  The right ones can go over $500.  Mine was not nearly as great but still a great profit.  I paid $5.99 Hall tea pot.  If you find a more ornate one PICK IT UP !!!
  2. Imaginex dinosaur ( saving this for a lot as I have two others) I paid $2.99 .  These will do a lot better at Christmas.  Tip: If you see Spike the big dinosaur grab it! Imaginex
  3. New Christmas house decoration that lights up.  Very cute.  My son wants us to decorate more this year for the holidays.  I'm trying to pick up one nice piece a week.  Well worth the $1.99 I paid to make him smile.
  4. Crocks and more Lego's for my son as a gift.  Well the Crocks are for wearing now.
  5. Designer jeans and a cute purse for me ( $10 for both)
  6. Vintage twin Goosebumps sheet.  I paid $2.99 Vinatge sheets .  Vintage sheets that are in good condition sell well.  They can also be used as fabric so you may want to use that in your title if you have room.
  7. Tons and tons of vintage little people.  Like last week I will sell all the figures by themselves and list the farm for a low price on it's own.  I have the cow, horse, harness,tractor,fence,a few farmers,chicken and rooster,black and white dog.  There are a few other pieces that came with it as well.  Needless to say it was worth the $3.99 I spent.
  8. Thomas push toy ( You push down and it moves) I paid $3.99 I hope it goes for more during the holidays Thomas push and go.
  9. I also picked up a Breyer horse stable.  To be honest I thought it was for My Little Pony and I picked it up to lot with a ton of my daughters ponies she has given to me.  The listing prices are allover for this stable and to be honest I don't feel it's very good quality and I do not want someone to be disappointed in what they receive so I'm going to price it low and sell it at the consignment sale this fall.  That way someone can inspect it prior to purchase. 

  Trip two:  ( With three kids in tow.  I had to return the jeans from above.  Oh well...)

  1. Imaginex dinosaur to go with the lot like the one from the first trip.  ( By the way these really are cool dinosaurs, they move and some roar.  My hubby has taken a liking to them but don't tell him I let that leak out...)
  2. Vintage Gumby..  I picked this up because it had the cool retro factor.  I paid $1.99 Gumby. Mine is the one that is going for about $14
  3. Disney salt and pepper shakers.  I have not seen these same ones anywhere on Ebay and my son loves these so we are keeping them.  I paid $2.99
  4. Pfaltzgraff Tea Rose Dinner plates ( 10).  I paid $8 plates.  I think I'm going to do two lots of four and two individual plates.
  5. Teas Rose salt and pepper shakers paid $2.99 or $3.99 shakers.  I wish I had found the ones that look like snowmen.  Who would have guessed on that one?
  6. Tea Rose cream and sugar set paid $8 I think cream and sugar.  Can you say bummer?
  7. Tea Rose water pitcher.  Water pitcher.  ( Mine is the big one)
  8. I also picked up 8 Tea Rose plain bowls that are perfect for my kids.  I paid under $4 for all 8.  My hubby wants to sell them and I want to keep them.  Let me tell you that might be a first in our house. Mine are the plain ones

  The yard sale...Before I tell you about my meager purchase let me give you the tip of the day for yard sales:  BE QUICK AND PREPARED!  You know like I was not.  Do as I say and not as I did and you will find great yard sale successes.

  Here is why this is the moral of the day.  I stopped at this particular yard sale with all three kids on the way to run errands.  I would have loved to go by myself but my husband was away again this weekend. Oh well.  So with two kids in tow and baby in arms I get to the sale and the first thing I see is a huge and I mean huge, complete Thomas the Train set with all the buildings and tracks.  It was the plastic version but still good.  Right next to it was a bag of 1980's Star wars figures.  Gasp!!!! It was a grocery shopping bag that was over half full.  I asked how much for both $10.  Great right?  

  Well of course that is the moment that my  5 year old just had to have my attention for her version of an urgent matter and I got distracted for a minute.  While I dealt with Gracies crisis a woman that I had not previously seen handed the seller a $10 bill.  I could have cried!  The moral of the story is be prepared and be quick ( and go with out your three little kids when possible.)

  I ended up with a cute pair of tight and adorable jeans for the baby for $1.00.  My older daughter had the same jeans sniff sniff.  They get big so fast.

  Anyhow I hope your yard sale adventures were better than mine. If you are like me and you like to turn castoff's into cash then you will wan to check out Yard Sale Mommy.


  1. I learned the "be quick" rule this weekend. I arrived at a yard sale before it was set to start. I didn't want to bother the people while they were still setting stuff up so I just stayed in the car. Well, a man pulls up and gets out. As I see him getting out I figured oh what the heck, I might as well go ahead. Well that guy bought an edger for 5 dollars that retails at 60 dollars. We (my husband!) really needs an edger... and I could have made him so happy to bring him one home for five dollars but instead I learned my lesson and came home empty handed.

  2. Oh Jen I'm sorry. The funny thing is I need and edger too. I like to think that it means that there is something better around the next corner.

  3. Great finds. Thanks for the link. I have a whole set of those Pfaltzgraff dishes that I got from a friend last summer. Was thinking about purging some, glad I saw your link.

  4. I think I was inspired by by tea pot. We had that set growing up. I gave some a Pfaltzgraf set now and I tried to buy some replacement pieces for it and they are going for a hefty amount. I guess discontinued Pfaltzgraph is on my list to keep my eyes open for now.