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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Castoff's to Cash. This Weeks Thrifty Finds and Ebay Goodies

 Oh boy this was quite an adventurous week with many thrifty highs and lows.  This week I hit the thrift once and was able to go to a few good yard sales - with no kids!  Here are some of the highs and lows of my thrifty adventures this week.  The bold text is a link to what the item has sold for on Ebay.

The Thrift:
  1. Palymobil Pirate Treasure Chest lot + Extras.  I Paid $6.99 Playmobil Pirate Chest Lot  .  I think I can do even better around the holidays so I'm going to hold this for a bit. I love to sell this type of stuff.  It is always a good seller but does even better during the holidays if you have a lot or a set.
  2. Star Wars x-Wing fighter plane vintage  Mine is missing the extensions on the wings.  More on the details of the plans for this in a post later this week.  I paid $2.99 Star Wars X-Wing Vintage Fighter
  3. Star Wars Millenium Falcon Galactic.  I paid $3.99 and thought this was going to be a major score until I got home and realized it is missing many parts.  Bummer.  Star Wars Millenium Galactic Falcon.
  4. Vintage Fisher Price Crib Busy Box.  I got this for my daughter but when she outgrows it off to Ebay it will go.  Vintage Fisher Price Activity Center.  Note that both the ones from the 70's and the 80's do very well.  I see these a lot if you do too grab them.  I think I paid $2.00 for the one I picked up this week.
  5. Classic Pooh lamp $1.99.  I thought this would do a lot better and did not look it up prior to purchase.  Mistake.  I think I will try to re-coup my investment by selling it at the consignment sale in Sept. Classic Pooh lamp.
  6. Cute Christmas Cookie Jar $2.99.  This is for us.  My son wants us to decorate more this year so I'm attempting to get one holiday piece a week.
  7. Pfaltzgraff Yorktowne candle holder pair.  I paid $1.99.  I'm re-donating Yorktowne candle holders.  Not worth the time.
  8. Keen sandals in great condition.  I paid $6.99 and will list these in the Spring.Always grab Keens Keen Newport 2 Youth
  9. 2 Character nursing scrubs.  These used to do very well for me so I did not look them up.  They are not nearly as hot now. I $2.99-$3.99 One is Strawberry Shortcake.  Strawberry Shortcake Scrubs
  10. 200 Yu-Gi-Oh cards.  I paid $3.99. OK I have to admit I am totally out of my element on this one.  I picked these up because a friends son sold about 1000 of these at her yard sale for $40.  I figured if he could get that at a yard sale I could do well on Ebay.  Well of course it depends on what cards you have.  Some will go for $35+ on their own.  I looked up about 10 of mine and they all seem to go for around $1.  I'm going to just sell them as a lot and let the chips fall as they may.  Yu-Gi-Oh lot 200.  I may also sell them at the consignment sale and save myself some headache and time.  The lesson her is stick to what you know although $3.99 is not a lot to gamble on something new. My third thought on these is to raffle them off on the blog.  Surely one of you is into these or has a kids that is and would give these a happy home.
  11. Two new with tags Wilton holiday cookie pans metal.  I paid $2.99 each.  I'll sell these in Nov. Wilton holiday cookie pan.
  12. Two new with tags holiday cookie silicone pans from Wilton.  I think I'm going to keep one of these.  A lady in line with me said I was getting a steal on these at $2.99 a pop.  She also suggested that I use them as ice cube trays.  I thought that was a cute idea. Wilton holiday silicone.  ( Remind me to post sometime about my love / hate relation ship with Wilton.  Let's just say the peaks are very high and the lows are more frequent for now.)
  13. Silicone turtle cupcake pan.  I love the idea of these and for $2.99 I thought I would try it.  They don't sell for much even new so I might use this for a snowy day project this winter.  Silicone turtle pan.
And Now for My Favorite.  My Yard Sale Finds!!!

  First let me say that I picked all this up for a hair under $30 and less than 2 hours.  Man can I move with out the kids in tow.  Hehehe..
  1. All the clothing on the floor was $5.  Yep just five big ones.  There is a yearly yard sale near me that is for charity.  They do a fill a bag deal.  $3 for a grocery bag and $5 for a trash bag full.  It is clothing and shoes only.  They do not do any advertising they barely have a sign out.  I just happen to know they do it every year in August for a few days so I thought to pop by today.  I think you can surmise that I was happy to see the sale was on. I bet there are close to 50 pieces that I got into my garbage bag.  I'm keeping a bunch including 6 Gymboree sets for the baby.  There are a few pieces to Ebay like the OskKosh stripe overalls ( Big Seller around Halloween). There are also at least a dozen I will bring to the consignment sale in Sept. All the items I chose were, Gymboree, GAP or Ralph Lauren.  Can you say score!!! I love sales that do not advertise.  More goodies for those who find the sale.
  2. Wooden Tinker Toys with instructions almost complete set. Paid $3.  I'm going to sell mine in Nov-Dec as they do even better then.  Stick to the wooden. Wooden Tinker Toys Lot
  3. 2 pairs of Crocs for little girls.  I paid $1 each.  I'm going to keep one pair.Toddler Pink Crocs.  Nice profit for easy work.
  4. 2 Holiday soap dispensers for us to keep and be festive.
  5. My two favorite finds are actually not pictured as they were for my older kids and they took off with them as soon as I came home.  The first on is a kids wheel barrow and the second was a Little Tikes Shopping Cart.  The wheel barrow was something my son has wanted for years but I could never find a deal on one and refused to pay $60 for it.  I saw it at this yard sale and it had no price on it.  When I inquired about it and the Lands End jacket the lady paused for a minute and said " Well that was pretty pricy new so...( taking a while).  How about $5 for both?  I thought I was going to pass out!  Five bills you have yourself a deal and a very happy little boy.  What I sell the coat for will more than cover the wheel barrow.  Yipee!!! The shopping cart was $4.
  6. Thanks to Yard Sale Mommy I knew to pick up a bunch of Loving Family Figures.  I paid $4 and got the prince, princess,white horse, teen bed and a few other pieces. I got a chariot from this set that I can not find on line any where.  Any ideas on pricing for it?
  7. Kids washer / dryer no name $4.  I'm thinking Craigs List in Nov-Dec.
  8. Baby Smart Kooshie Booster $1.  I got this for us and was about to buy one for $30.  Good thing I held off. If it lasts through my girls I will make my money back quite a few times over I would say. Tip look under the tables at sales that are big and not well structured.  It's where you'll hit gold if you are not one of the first shoppers. Baby Smart Booster. 
Here is Where I Need Your Help....

  What / who is this thing?  I know it's a Lego Star Wars piece but I have no clue on what to search for this little number.  I sell Lego Star Wars for a nice profit but have no clue on this guy.  If you know it's name I'll be your new BFF if you tell me.

Boy oh boy it has been a busy thrifty week.  Off to put some of the clothing for Ebay into the dryer.  If you are still awake best of luck to you in your thrifty adventures this week!

Update on my Ebay adventures.
Selling Ideas 


  1. Looks more like a LEGO Bionicle to me:

    Not sure if it's the same one, but hope it helps!

  2. Not sure if this posted already:

    Looks more like a LEGO Bionicle to me -

    Not sure if it's the same one, but I hope it helps!

  3. Thanks Carrie I think the consensus is that it is a Bionicle. Darn! Oh well it will be a nice stocking stuffer for my son. Thank you Carrie.

  4. It's definitely a bionicle. I think it's this one.

    Lego doesn't make Bionicles anymore, just FYI. It's great that you found one with his mask and weapons. That doesn't always happen.

  5. This Bionicle is actually named TOA MAHRI HAHLI. Your picture looks like white pieces, but the design and shape of the pieces matches up with this name. TOA MAHRI HAHLI has gray and blue pieces.

    This particular Bionicle is no longer made. However, Lego still does make Bionicles. I would wait until Christmas to sell.

    My 8-year-old Bionicle expert provided this info!


  6. Thanks you guys are the best! It is white pieces. The reason I thought it was Lego Star Wars is because I found another guy just like this one in the bag of Star Wars Legos I picked up a few weeks ago for my son. I actually think that bag had three or four of these guys in it. I guess I will have to wait and see at Christmas as I have that bag of Lego's well hidden from prying little eyes.

  7. I bought that EXACT same Activity Center today at Goodwill for $1.49! Woot!

  8. I guess we all have 6-8 year old sons who called out exactly what that was! So funny! Looks like you did really well!

  9. Great find on the activity center. I love my little helpers Kristen and I'm loving everyone elses too this week.