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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ebay or Consignment ??? Photo's of My Inventory Insanity

    I used to be a lot less choosey about what I picked up to re-sell.  If I could make a profit of some measure I picked it up.  I have recently reserved buying to only picking up items that will clear at least $10 in profit.  I think my time and sanity might be in jeopardy if I kept up my old habits.  Not to mention my house would be on Hoarders soon.

  So now it's time to take a good hard look at all my old inventory that still needs to be listed an asses whether in fact it s worth my time to list it or if I should in fact just throw a tag on it and send it off to the consignment sale.  The Thrifty Momma in me wants to Ebay it all and the type A clean freak in me says to heck with it if it wont clear $10 to consignment it goes.  What to do, what to do.........

  For those that were brave enough to look at the photo I should clarify there are an additional 3 totes of stuff for Christmas under the table and 5 of the totes you see are already set aside for consignment.  Two are listed and the laundry basket of stuff on the floor is in the process of being listed. Now I bet you feel better about how your hoard inventory situation looks right?


  1. My husband just threw a blanket over my stuff/inventory! Makes him feel better so he doesn't have to look at it!

  2. My inventory is all over the house I will end up on Hoarders soon :-)I have a closet off of the living room that is packed, I have 3 totes in my baby's room I have items in my coffee table and more items in another table(it has two drawers) I have a curio cabinet in my living room full of stuff and two cabinets in my kitchen. Somedays I really just want to donate it all to Goodwill but then I think of all the profit that can be made so I deal with it. Good luck at your consignment