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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cast Off's To Cash Adventures in Resale & Link UP

  Oh what a week it has been!  Busy, busy, busy.  I did not do a lot of re-sale shopping this week but what I got was pretty good.  I went to the thrift once and also stopped at three garage sales that were part of a community garage sale.  I got a few things for the kiddo's that are not pictured.

  Here are the nuts and bolts of my bounty.  Links are to Ebay ended prices and the prices listed are what I paid.  I would love to see your treasures so please share your finds in the link up.  I would love to spread the news about the link us so we can all continue to learn from one another so a shout out in your post would be fantastic.  Please keep the post family friendly and link directly to your post rather than your home page for efficiency purposes.

( Sorry for the worst photo EVER!)

Lot of Avent bottles ( 9). Mine are used.   Paid $2.00

Columbia boys 10 Coat in mint condition.  Paid $1.00 Yep a buck !!!!  Mine has the size tag cut out so measurements are going to be a huge must.

Boys 5 Keen Sandals.  Worn once according to the seller.  Paid $1.00.  Same sale as the coat. These I'm saving for Spring.

Bakugan lot.  I think there are five and there are metal cards.  My son was into these so I bought them for him but now he seems to care less so I think I will lot them up in a while after I get more.  Paid $1.00

Miscellaneous MLP's and Disney princess figures for lots I'm making.  $2

Books for lot's I'm making $2 or so.

Olive Oyl Doll _ Paid $3.99.  I guess I flubbed on that one.

Sesame Street Little People Play House.  Paid $3.99I actually only have one of the houses the green building is missing and I do not have any of the figures.  I do have though the club house and trash truck from a previous thrift find.  I was going to wait but now I think I might list these sooner rather than later.  I was hoping to find the figures but I'm not thinking it's a good possibility.  I admit almost danced a jig when I saw this on the shelf and I was happy I knew to grab it!

Disney On Ice Mickey Mug new.  I swear this did better when I looked it up on my app in the thrift.  What happened? Paid $3.99

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  1. Awesome finds!! Good for you! I would definitely have been dancing a jig over the sesame street find! :) We didn't have the greatest of yard sales on nothing worth linking up. Although, I did find a guitar training book for my avid 3 year old guitarist:)

  2. Those are pretty good finds especially considering how busy you were. Much better then my finds this weekend.