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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Castoffs To Cash Adventures in Resale Land + Link Up

Well this week was one iof those garage sale weeks that started out slow but ended up being pretty darn good.  The first few sales I picked up a thing or two for my house and kids. My total spent on everything for us and re-sale was $19.

  Some really nice kids clothing for .25 a piece.  I love quarter clothing especially since these were Gap and Gymboree and I also scored a beautiful snow suit for a quarter as well as shoes at the same sale.  The Christmas lights were .50 a box for new lights.  Every year we need to replace some and I have not splurged on the new LED ones yet.

  I did hit a few totally dud sales where people were selling a bunch of the free vases from 1-800 flowers and stuff like that.  I also found a few sales that were selling a bunch of stained stuff and not for cheap I might add.  Gee..thanks but no thanks you can keep your old stained stuff I'll pass.

  The day got a lot better when I ventured out of my city about 10 miles farther than I normally go.  I know I'm spoiled most of my sales are with in 5-10 miles of my house ( usually less). The first sale I stopped at had most of my re-sale stuff you see here. I also found these Lands End Boots for $2.00.  They match ones I got for my older daughter that I paid $11.00 for at consignment.  Boy garage sales really are where the deals are.

  Anyhow it was in my venture out of town that I found all of the following re-sale goodies.  Remember the links are to Ebay ending prices. 

I'm keeping the Little Tikes house for my girls. But it came with a ton of furniture and people.  You will never guess how much I paid for the whole thing.  Guess...............$2.00!!!!!! Yesssiree the day was looking up.  The goodies that came with the house are where the big money is.  These are a few of the pieces I got.
Nursery furniture
Climber ( Mine is missing the slide)
Picnic Table
Table and chairs
I think there are a few more odds and ends.  Obviously I will be putting these into lots.  BIN will be my friend on these.

I also grabbed a Bumbo Seat for $3.00.  For what ever reason this pink color does not hold up well.  Every one I have found in this color has some discoloration.  Oh well even if it gets the lowest ended price it will be a good investment.  I still have to get my daughters listed as well.

  I almost forgot one of my favorite finds.
Squaker McCaw Fur Real Parrot.  I bought this with a bunch of Golden books for $2.00 at the same sale as the house.  I could have kissed that seller!  Squaker has his branch, cracker and remote.  The bird works great but I need to find batteries to check the remote because so far there is no action on the remote.  I'm hoping it just needs new batteries.  I do have to say I really like this little guy.  My hubby was amazed by how life like he is.

  I think that's about it for this week.  I did not get a lot but what I found were gems.  Here is a little tip as well.  Just because the seller does not look like they would have what you are looking for does not mean you should pass the sale by.  The sale with the house and the bird was a grandmother looking to get rid of some of the things she had at her house for her grand kids and the Bumbo seat seller was someone who purchased things to sell at ta consignment store that just went out of business.  She said she made a lot consigning there.  Apparently she was not in the majority.  Some of my best finds have come from those types of sales.

  I hope you will share some of your goodies from your own thrifty adventures.  I love to see what everyone else picked up.  That's how I learned about the bird and the house and I love to pay it forward.  I would love it if you would mention your linking up here so we can get a big linky party going.  All posts must go directly to your post rather than the home page to keep it simple and must be family friendly.


  1. I just sold a pink Bumbo (discoloration and all) for my BIN asking price of 32.99 w/ free shipping. As long as they are in tact w/ no bite marks or missing chunks of foam they've been a great seller for me.

    Great finds! I love when days go from bad to good!

    @ Coupon Tipster

  2. Hmm. I just might go with the free shipping option Amy and see how it goes. Great tip.