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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Castoffs To Cash Adverntures in Resale TIP's ( Video) and LINK UP

 First let me say....Oh my how I hate the still shot from this Ebay tip video.

  Secondly I know a lot of you readers look forward to seeing my Ebay scores and tips so I did not want to let my broken camera ( sniff sniff) slow us down to much.  The resale tip in the video is a really good one that will save you a ton of heart ache if you sell iPods, iPads iAnythings.

  If anyone has a good camera that they think works great for quick shots and Ebay pictures  I would love it if you would share the info in the comments section.  Even if you don't have a camera to recommend go ahead and share your thrifty garage sale and thrift store finds with us.  I'd love to grow the link up so a link back would be much appreciated.

I'm linking to Coupon Tipster and Apron Thrift Girl

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  1. Good advice. I really try to stick with what I know..but often it's easy to get swayed when you find something you "think" has good potential. Good luck with your camera. Mine broke a month ago and is still being repaired. Thankfully a relative had a super nice one I could borrow.