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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Adventures In Resale. Yard Sale Video

  Sorry this is so late this week but well what can I say???  The video was cut short by YouTube.  I really need to learn to talk less. That will probably never happen though so for now we will just have an abruptly abreviated video.

  This week was a lesson in staying the course as the first 45 minutes and several yard sales were total wipeouts.  I grabbed all this great stuff in a little over an hour.  My total time out was just over two hours and my profits after fees should be over $200.  I'd say I've got about 6- 8 hours from start to finish in this haul from finding it all to cleaning it up, pictures, listing and shipping.  Not a bad hourly rate for this at home momma. 

  Feel free to ask any questions especially about any of the items you see but I did not get a chance to talk about in the video.  Happy hunting to all!!!

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