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Friday, June 15, 2012

Amazon FBA Seller Tip: Distributor Dammaged

  For all of you who have taken the plunge into selling Amazon via FBA ( Fullfillment by Amazon) there is a very useful tip I want to share.  On occasion you will want to check your merchandise that Amazon has for items that are unfulfillable.

  To do this you want to go to the tab that says FBA Inventory under the Inventory tab at the top of the seller Home Page. When you get to your FBA inventory page there is a column titled "unfulfillable".  Check the arrow next to that title and it will bring all of your unfulfillable items to the top of the page.

 The reason you wan to do this is because based on my experience 9 out of ten times an item is unfufillable because it is distributor damaged aka. Amazon broke it.  You can click on the item and it will ask you if you want the item destroyed or sent back to you ( on your dime.)  What it does not tell you is that if the item was damaged by Amazon you should be compensated by them for the damage.

  To do this go back to the seller Home Page and click on help.  After that screen pops up another where you can choose to e-mail Amazon support.  From there choose FBA inventory and then you will be prompted to put in the item number and a reason why you are messaging them.  I just say that the item was FBA and distributor damaged.  The refund is typically in my account in 3-4 business days.

  One thing to remember that is a bit of a bummer is that Amazon will compensate you based on what the lowest market value typically is for the item.  As an example I am being reimbursed for an item right now that I had listed at $54.  There are 4 other FBA sellers.  There are three sellers that are listing higher that I am but there is one seller who has the item listed at $25 ( big thanks buddy).  Amazon is sending me a reimbursement for $20 and change because they are using the lowest FBA selling cost, deducting the amount they typically charge in fees and that equates to $20.  This is a bummer because I would be getting closer to $45 - $50 if that one seller was not pricing so low.  Even more irritating is the fact that this product was selling nicely at the price I had it listed at until the low ball seller cam along.  Palm slap to the head!!! Why would you undercut especially by that much if you can tell by product ranking that the item was selling well at the higher price.

  Well that's the Amazon tip for now.


  1. Have you ever done a post on the basics of Amazon selling? It seems like a lot of people are doing it, and I have no idea what it entails. How does the FBA work? Of course I could do my own research :-) but I'd be very interested to hear your take, pros and cons, etc.

    1. Kari,
      I really should do a more in depth post on the subject. What are some of the questions you would like the posts to answere? I am happy to write about it as I have found it to me a nice source of income and am happy to "share the wealth".

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