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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Another Great Free Packaging Source

Hi All,
   So as you might have come to expect I'm always on the look out for free shipping containers and packaging.  I've shared some tips before but here is another place to check out.  The UPS Store.  Yep, I'm there a lot for my Amazon business.  (More later on how super cheap it is to ship to Amazon when you use their UPS partner program.)

  Anyway back on topic right??? There are actually two UPS stores fairly close to me.  One has closer parking and the other has guessed it a gigantic box of free recycled shipping materials right at the door.  It rocks on a few levels.  I get free packing popcorn and air pillows and the stuff stays out of the trash.  I need to remember to ask the other UPS Store if they have a place I just have not seen that has such hidden jems.  Seriously who would have ever thought tons of packing peanuts would make my day?   It's the simple stuff.  Now off to list three EBay items from this weeks garage sale haul before the baby wakes up and the bigger ones are home from the last days of school.


  1. I've never noticed that at my UPS store. I will have to key my eyes open for that. I do often times a week find random boxes and packing material on my desk from my coworkers. I love that.