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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Keep Your Eyes Peeled for These Little Gems. Adventures in Resale Land

I spotted 7 of these Disney Vinylmation figures at a yard sale a few weeks ago. I only knew that I do very well with Disney stuff and that these appeared to have been collected by the preteen son rather than an adult Disney collector. The only reason I mention that fact is that had they been collected by the adult the price would usually be higher.

Any how I picked up all 7 for $10. More than I would have liked but they came down from $14 and I had researched a few and knew they would sell well.

I still have two listed for $29 each I believe but here is what sold from last week of these little nuggets.

Alice went for $35 and the lot went for $29. These were all the 3" models. The big 9" do even better. If the others sell for list price after fees I should profit a good $70. Not to shabby for about and hours worth of research listing and shipping.

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