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Friday, July 6, 2012

Cheap Tape. Scotch Heavy Duty Packing Tape 6 Rolls for $12.97

  Ok there are many, many many, things that I cheap out am frugal about but one of them is NOT packing tape.  I'm sitting here trying to get six boxes out for an Ebay shipment and the cheap packing tape that my very very well intentioned hubby picked up is driving me crazy!

  The humidity is making it like glue.  Glue that rips and sticks together but not on the package you see... Grrr....  I love my Scotch Heavy Duty Packing Tape and am happy with the extra $.50 it costs me.  I guess that's it the price of my sanity today is $ .50.  I really am cheap :)

  After I wrote this post and saved it because I thought who on earth would really care about my tape issues I hopped over to Amazon and saw that they have a six pack of my precious Scotch Heavy Duty Tape for $12.97 shipped to my door.  Right now there is a $.50 coupon on the Amazon page that will save you even more.  Just click on the image below to get the deal.  I love free shipping with my Prime account.  The tape is usually $22.99 so this is a great deal to jump on.

  I do get a very modest commission from purchases made on Amazon using my affiliate link or the Amazon box on my home page.  It is however not at all the reason for the post.  

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