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Monday, July 23, 2012

Hot BOLO Tip

I was at the Disney Outlet near me last week stocking up and the manager let me in on a hot lead.

Disney is putting out Finding Nemo 2. You know what that means..... hot Nemo merchandise. Keep your eyes peeled for Dory and the gang at yard sales and thrifts. When another movie comes out the stuff from the first movie becomes hot again.

The manager also told me they would be releasing Toy Story 4 and 5 but they will go right to video. Toy Story stuff is always hot. I picked up two Toy Story items this week. One is super hot. I'll share later in the week.

My other tip from my FAB Disney Outlet trip is this: Be super friendly to the cashiers. I know it seems obvious but I'm ashamed of how some people treat cashiers. Anyway I struck ip a conversation with mine as he was ringing up my large haul and he said " do you have a coupon?". Me " I sure wish I did.". He ran right out back and gave me a 25% off coupon. He saved me $30 on top of my already ridiculous hot scores. Kindness literally pays sometimes.

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