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Friday, August 17, 2012

I'll Take It.

  Well I'm finally back!!  Great trip but between the trip, 2.5 hour airline delay and traveling with the tots I'm plain old worn out.  Oh and did I forget to mention the jet lag?  It never bothered me before but the two hour time difference is appearing to kick my bootie today.

  Oh well the good news it that by my calculations I profited about $500 the 10 days I was gone between Ebay and Amazon.  Not to shabby.  I'll take it.  Now just to get my rear in gear and ship out the 10 Ebay packages that sold.  I'm so glad Amazon takes care of all my shipping for FBA.  I'll gladly partner with them for them to get rid of that task for me.

  With that all said and my yardsale trip planned out for tomorrow I'm off to fold laundry and hit the bed. 


  1. Welcome back. Did you put your eBay story on vacation mode while gone.

    1. Yes. I was gone 10 days so I put it on vacation. I was surprised that I sold something almost every day.