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Monday, August 20, 2012

What .25 and A Stock Up Stash Gets You

I got a very last minute " is your daughter coming to the party" call today. Apparently the evite went to my junk mail. Oh well.

Needless to say DD6 wanted to go so now I had 2 hrs to come up with a gift and three crazy kids. Oh and did I mention I'm feeling very very broke after a vacation and $150 in pet bills today.

In comes the gift stash. All year long when I yard sale or bargain hunt I pick up goodies for my kids and kids in their age group. Craft items make great gifts for 6 year old girls. I bought this puzzle (new) at a yard sale for.25. The twistable crayons ( I love) were free. Toys r Us has Crayola products on sale buy one get two free this week. Guess who loaded up??? Glad I did.

I was also out of bags and wrapping paper. In comes a nifty Trader Joes bag. Turned inside out with DD's decorations I think it's pretty cute. Not to shabby for .25 I think.

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  1. My sister always stocks up on NIB toys from garage sales to have on hand as emergency presents. I have start doing that.