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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Are You Ready?????

  For the Christmas crazies???? Can't believe I passed on preordering this the other day for $349.  They are all out of preorders.  Nintendo put a limit on the numbers of preorders that were allowed.  Can we say marketing buzz??

  On the up side it looks like my kids old red Wii should bring in some coin. Dont ask me to tell the whole long sorted story but somehow our family owns two Wii consoles and one is the coveted red one.  Yeah long story..... Any way I know my son will want a new one but will" Santa" pull it off ???  Santa works with cashola only here and is funded by consignemt sales, rebates and cash back bonuses etc. so we will see how it all goes down.  Im thinking Santa might just sneak off with the red one come the first week of December and see what the elves can fetch for it.  Hmmmmm

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  1. Ha, we never buy our kids new game systems. We have the original WII (which we bought used). And we have 3 boys. We still have 2 old DS systems and one DSI. And those were all gifts. I don't see us upgrading anytime soon! :) Wow, I can't believe people pay that much money for a game system.