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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Im on the Hunt

   OK so I'm now officially on the hunt for Christmas toys.  Yep its the first week of school around here and Ive got Santa brain.  No seriously though I just got a song of a deal on an American girl Julie doll for my daughter on Ebay.  Now to find a deal on accessories. 

  This is a great time to start Christmas shopping because the prices have not started to soar yet as your competition is still in back to school mode and maybe starting to think about Halloween.  This is also a great time to start stocking up on toys for FBA.  I'm so excited for another Christmas of selling on Amazon.  Last year I had just started and I still did very very well.

  On a sad note the one thing my son really wants this year I will not be able to get preowned and will be very happy to get a reasonable deal.  He wants the new Giant Skylanders game thats due out in late October.  Yep Ill be that mom battling the crowds or hopefully just scouring the Internet for a nice deal on that game and the additional figures.  To turn that into a positive though I can tell you that the new Skylanders Giants is anticipated to be the big hit for video games this year.  Amazon has the preorder price at $60.  Il'll be keeping my eyes peeled for a Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal on it for my son and for resale.  The characters go for $10 a pop too and you know you cant just have the three the base package comes with heaven forbid......

  So yes I'm officially on the hunt for Skylanders preorder deals and nice ( and cheap) American girl Julie doll stuff.  If you find a deal on either I'll love you forever if you pass it on.

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