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Friday, September 21, 2012

Money In the Garage Is Missing

  I love reading Dudes posts over at Money In the Garage.  For about a week now I get a message that the site is not available.  Is there a change to the sites domain.  I hope all is well with Dude and Mrs. Dude.  If you know whats up please let me know as I miss his posts they are both very entertaining and informative.


  1. His last post (from a couple days ago) said that he was having website issues, but that he thought his son had fixed it. I just tried his link from my blog and it worked. Maybe try again?

  2. Thanks for passing on the news Kari. I will try it through your site and then rebookmark it. I thought I had it as a site I follow on my page but it appears not. Thanks again for helping me out I love Dude.

  3. He is on my blog roll and this is the address that now comes up--