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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Storage Wars NH

  Well let me just tell you folks that my storage auction adventure was a dozy.  Let me just start by saying that the one I went to ended up having 17 units that were all outside in the rain and guess who's kids took her umbrella from the car...??? Um yeah I was a bit soaked.  Aside from that I had a different picture in my head of what the units would look like inside. 

  I had thought they would look like this:

Instead most were like this:

  Most of the people at the auction were professionals.  A good deal had jackets that said " so and so will buy your estate" or "need fast cash" etc.  It was a very colorful crowd I have to say and most of them knew each other.  I can also attest to the fact that the professionals were none to happy to see a newbie.  Oh well.

  Most of the units bids started at $100 and the prices ranged from $200 to $1700 for the units.  Most looked like back breaking work for a low dollar per hour. 

  I saw one unit that I liked but it went $100 to high for me.  I'm glad I went though because I did learn a few things.  One of them being that these pro pickers seem to view kids items as total junk.  Yay for me.  I also learned that in my area the bins I would be interested in seem to go for about $300.

  I'm thinking that for me storage auctions are not the be all end all but will be included in my business plan.  Most of the units had a  lot of furniture and large items.  AKA items that require more than one person to move and a truck rental and storage so not for me.

  The company that did this sale is doing another one much closer to me at the end of the month and it has 42 units listed right now.  If I make a huge dent in my listing I'll go and if not I'll pass because of the time involved.

  Oh one more thing.  This storage facility I went to had their own locks on the units.  No lock cutting.  Made me kind of wonder if they picked the lockers a bit themselves before hand.  I don't know that they did or not it just gave me pause.

  So the moral is I'm still undecided about storage bidding but I am more schooled.  Guess what was found under a bunch of boxes in one unit?  .........a '91 Ford Escort.  There was so much junk on it you could not even tell there was a car in there at first!!!!  ( Seeing those storage units made me feel not to bad about my crazy basement.)

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  1. Great post. I really want to get into buying storage lockers. I have only been to two storage auctions in ca while on vacation but I never got a locker. My only concern is that I don't really know much about the value of things. I guess I will learn as I go.