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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How it Went Down

  So heres the dirty down low folks:  My consignemnt sale adventure last week was so so.  I was hoping to make $500 and instead I made $356.  Yuck.  So that with my ther little sale 50 into it and that includes consignment registration fees and supplies.  Still I put about 20 hours into it so the DPH is a lot lower than I would have liked it to be.
  I do however love all the great buys I was able to make because I consigned and volunteered so I got a VIP first dibbs pass.  So what I have decided is that I will continue to do the sales but I'm going to be super super picky about what I bring.  I will probably make less at the sales but I will be able to concentrate on make money in my other ventures that will all in all bring me a higher dollar per hour. 

  My local consignment store does not take toys so I will still be bringing those to the sales but any not higher end brand cothing even if it is super cute and in pristine condition will not go to the sales its headed to the local store. 
The big sale I did was in a very high end area and shoppers were very brand aware.  Most of what I sold there were and my Baby Lulu type items.  TCP even new with tags did not sell even at half off and I priced then at $3 to begin with (?!).  Oh well live and learn.

  All in all I think its good to experiment so that we can all continue to grow and prosper.  The local consignment store here is very picky about condition but not brand.  It will be a quicker turn around on things. The bad part is that they are chopped full right now and only take certain sizes that are on their "buying list" at the time. Changes from day to day.

  Ill try to post later mt sweet scores from the sale but right now I'm only 3/4 of the way through listing them and I told myself I'd get them all done today.

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