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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Are You Looking for a Deep Fryer for Turkey Day?


  Look no further you can grab this 12 cup fryer for only $29. I'm not normally a Wally World girl but if you want to get some deep fried goodness in, this is a great deal. This is a Walmart exclusive so no need to shop around much to compare prices on the specific model.  I can tell you though that there are very few 8 cup cookers at this reasonable of a price let alone a 12 cup one. Here is the down low:

The Hamilton Beach 35030 Deep Fryer is a deep fryer that helps you heat and cook large quantities of food all at once. Gone are the days where you individually had to fry each dish. With this electrical deep fryer, you can cook twelve plates of fries, twenty four plates of chicken wings and four plates of onion rings all at once. This digital timer deep fryer helps you heat up the dish in time with its adjustable temperature control. The Hamilton Beach 12-cup deep fryer comes with an illuminated digital clock timer that allows you to choose the cooking time. The fryer also sports a attached break way chord that ensures that the fryer does not accidently tip or spill over. Since cooking it is done in a direct oil immersion manner, heating of the food is ultra fast.
Hamilton Beach 35030 Deep Fryer
  • Cooks 12 servings of French fries, 4 servings of onion rings or 24 chicken wings
  • Immersed heating element makes direct contact with oil for ultra-fast heating
  • Adjustable temperature & digital timer
  • Breakaway cord & Ready light
  • Deep fryer has illuminated power switch


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