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Monday, November 19, 2012

Get Cash for Your Old Cell Phone and Help Keep Them Out of the Landfills.

  I'm one of those who tends to be a bit delayed in technology but even I have been through my fair share of cell phones.  Throwing them out is not an option if you wan to be responsible and environmentally friendly. Many schools have drop boxes that you can put your old phoes in and they will recycle them for you for credit for the school.  You can also recycle them yourself and make a little cash to help fill some stockings.  The site I have used is sellcell.  There is no out of pocket for you as you ship it to them at no cost.  You can go right on their site to enter the model number of your phone or phones and it will tell you what it's worth.  So route through that junk drawer and send in that old phone for cold hard cash!

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