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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Quick Amazon Tip

  Hi all,
  Just a quick Amazon selling tip.  It literally pays to check your inventory that is marked unfulfillable.  You can go into manage inventory and then select the tab for unfulfillable.  If anything comes up as distributor dammaged you can request compensation through Amazon help.  They will reimburse you as distributor dammaged means dammaged by Amazon.

  To get to the section of the site to request compensation you will need to go to your home page, select help, and then select FBA issues ( or something like that I don' t remembe rthe exact wording).  From there select FBA other issues and they will ask for the item number as well as the issue.  Just plug in your sku and state that the item was distributor dammaged.  I find I am normally compensated with in a day or two.  I have never been compensated for a dammaged item unless I requested it but you are supposed to be compensated no matter what.  For me I check my unfulfillable items once a month or so. 

  The other thing you will want to stay on top of is your shipments getting checked in.  I recently was reimbursed almost $400 because one of my boxes got to Amazon and started to get recieved and then went missing.  I am ever so glad I contacted Amazon on that one!

  So just a few tips to save you money by keeping your ducks in a row so to speak.

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