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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Polly Pocket Sets for Up to 75% off Shipped !!!

Polly Pocket Vacation Helicopter Playset

  I was researching gifts for my kids to give to each other today and my daughter loves Polly Pocket.  I came across some fantastic deals!  You can grab this Polly Pocket Helicopter set for $5.49 shipped with Prime or qualifying orders of $25 or more regularly $15.99.

Polly Pocket Cruisin Pet Spa Vehicle

  This Crusin Pet Spa Vechile is also a great deal at $8.99 down from $15.99.

Polly Pocket Color Change Makeover Salon Playset
The Color Change Makeover Playset is also on a big prce cut.  $11.94 normally $26.99.

I'm grabbing a few of these sets both for my son to give to my daughter but also for some of the little girl birthday parties that my kids will be invited to this year.  I hate rushing out and racing around when they get the invitation because I always spend more money that way.  Stocking up in advance saves my sanity and my wallet.

( Please remember that prices can change fast on Amazon so if you are interested in these items you will wan to act quickly.)

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