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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Turbo Savings Tuesday ( Link Up Your Best Deals of the Week)

  I'm always thrilled to hear about how someone else saved money.  It gives others ideas and inspires us to keep up the frugal work.  Wheather you ssaved money on a great sale, by recycling something or thrifting something share you sweet success.  Link up with your favorite deal or if you do not have a blog tell us about your frugal success in the comments section.

   My favorite savings last week was a small one but non the less a good one.  I loved getting my 32 free batteries at Staples last week.  I hate that we use so many batteries but the fact that I got so many free does lessen the blow a bit.  My best savings this week was a great gift I purchased that had a retail value of $99 but using my Kohls Cash and discount codes I got it for $1.72.  I'd be more specific but it's a gift and Santa likes her surprises.

  Lets grow this link share so please link back to this post.

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