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Friday, November 1, 2013

Littlest Pet Shop....Possible Ebay Golden Nuggets

  I just love selling small items.  Easy to ship, easy to store and usually very cheap to pick up.  By far my most favorite thing about small items is the profit margin though.  One of my favorite items to pick up are Littlest Pet Shop toys ( LPS). 

  My daughter started collecting these years ago and still does to this day.  Being a thrifty mommy I noted how much these were going for in regular stores.  They start around $3.99 for a small animal with out any accessories.  Having taken note of the steep prices I started picking these up at yard sale and thrift stores.  I typically pay $3.99 for a bag of about 10-12 at a thrift and pay about 10 cents a piece at yard sales.  I did this for a year storing them in a tote in the basement.  Once Christmas came along Santa was set.  I had over two hundred!  Before I put them out for Santas girl though I looked a few of the ones I had never seen up on Ebay just for kicks. 

   Guess what???  My daughters not the only one collecting these puppy's!  I put some aside to sell later and made all the money I spent on all of the Pets back.  This year my daughter is not as into LPS but I still knew to gather them through out the year.  I'll start listing them soon.  Some in lots but a few on their own.

  Here is a great post on a few hot LPS figures to keep your eyes peeled for.

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