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Thursday, May 29, 2014

So What Are Your Business Goals for Summer ?

  Well we made it to summer!  I love summer but many sellers find it to be a slow time.  I find that summer like any other time requires goals in order to achieve success.

  For me my full time job is mommy to three kiddos and I spend 10 hrs per week on my Amazon business.  My goal for the summer is to stay on track with where I'm at right now.  That means still putting in 10 hours per week and having a net profit of $1500 per month .

  It's a bit harder with tots in tow but my goal is sure and steady .  I'm taking two week long trips this summer to visit family and my plan is to source online  during one trip and online and a store or two during the other but no 10 hr weeks those weeks.

   What is your goal for the summer for your business?


  1. My plans for the summer are to have my teenage son (almost 15) getting inventory cleaned up and photographed for me. I payed him to help me with photographing ties and I've already sold enough to pay him and break even o the cost of the I'm happy all else is pure profit. And better to be listed then sitting unlisted.