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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Saving Green While Being Green - Cleaning

Spray nozzles for cleaning products

So if you are like me you are interested in saving money and getting healthier.  I'm personally on a mission to do both but it's one step at a time right ??? Right.

  Step one is targeting the areas where you can either go with out or subsist ute for something healthier and more cost effective.  As a mom of three messy ones cleaning products were really adding to my budget.  Yes I could coupon and get them for less but that would still mean two things.  One I would be bringing three kiddos into the store with me likely adding things to my cart and costing me a piece of my sanity.  Two when you really start to read cleaning labels you realize just how much toxic junk is in them.  I kid you not.  Go read the label of your tub cleaner and then see how you feel about popping junior in the tubby after 😳

  So that brings me to one of my favorite solutions so far.  Making my own household cleaner. This is my favorite multipurpose cleaner and it's so simple it's a combination of half a sink full of hot water, half a cup of white vinegar and a few drops of orange essential oils.  

  Vinegar is a great multipurpose cleaner but let's be real.  It does not smell good.  Adding a few drops  of your favorite essential oil takes away the vinegar small and makes your cleaning area smell amazing.  My house smells like oranges right now and my kids love that.  

  I've just cleaned my walls and tile floors and sinks using this combination and my house is clean and smells amazing.  It also costs me pennies on the dollar especially compared to the cost of standard cleaners.  My vinegar is the large bottle from Costco and I honestly do not remember the cost but at 1.32 gallons even if the cost of the container was $5 a half cup is let's say $.20 and the orange essential oil was part of a set I received as a gift from someone who knows how much I love my oils but did not have orange.  You can get a .4 ml bottle for just $5.99 on Amazon so a few drops of that might be another $.20.  Forty cents ( likely less) to clean my whole first floor very well and with no harmful chemicals....Yes I'll take that 😊

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