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Monday, September 21, 2009

Thrifty / Frugal Vs. CHEAP

I came across and interesting scenario the other day while at a children's birthday party.  One of the mothers was telling the rest us very proudly that she had re-used the pinata from her sons party to make craft projects out of.  I thought that was great and told her she was very thrifty.  A high compliment coming from me.

Her response shocked me.  She looked at me in horror and said that she is not thrifty at all just cheap.  I must have looked stunned myself because she went on to say " you do know the difference right?".  and no she was not kidding.

What is the difference to you?  To me me being frugal is making the most out of what you have reducing , re-using and recycling.  To me thrifty is a good thing.  Cheap is a word I hope most would not use to describe me.  I associate cheap with miserly or poor quality in a product.

So are you by your own definition cheap or thrifty / frugal?  I know at least one woman who is very proud to consider her self cheap not thrifty.

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  1. I think I am thrifty, because I coupon shop. I think Frugal can be used to describe what your friend did with the pinata, I am not so much into or good at re-using things, or re-purposing them. Although we use the word in a different way, Webster's actual defines cheap as bargain.
    So I choose thrifty! Do I win? :-)