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Tuesday, October 6, 2009


So I have been in the market for a pair of new cross trainer sneakers.  My last pair still looked OK but had lost all their comfort.  So two weeks ago  I went to my usual shoe haunts including DSW.  I found a pair their I liked a lot but still was unsure if I really liked them enought to pay $69.  There was nothing in their remarkable clearance seaction that met my needs. Oh well DSW clearance is typically a great spot for shoe for me.

Fast forward to today when I had two glorous hours to myself while the tots were in pre-school and Kindergarten.  I decided to stop by Marshalls to see about getting some sweatshirts for my son.  I struck out onthe sweatshirts but scored big on shoes for me.  I found not one but two pairs of shoes for me including cross trainers.  The kicker is that both pairs came out to $68. I guess it is a lesson in not settling on a purchase if you don't feel 100% right about it.  The sneakers are super comfy at $34 ( Nike I think) and I felt great about being able to have enought left over to grab a second pair of adorable casual shoes.

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