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Monday, January 25, 2010

Eat From the Pantry Update

  This may be the final installment of my Eat from the Pantry challenge updates.  I think we have been fairly successful in our attempts to reduce our grocery bill for the month of January.  My last Eat from the Panty Post was on 1-17-10 and I had spent $181.51.  Since then I have spent an additional $138.00.  So that brings our total to $320.00 for the month for a family of four.  That means we saved $80 over our traditional food bill.  Not to bad considering we eat mostly organic meats, produce and dairy and we try to keep out high fructose corn syrup and most things with ingredients I can not pronounce.

  So what are we doing with our food savings you might ask?  We have decided to invest in more organic meat.  It's pricey but we have found a local farmer using this site.  We are excited and planning ahead on what we want to order.  I'm happy to say that the farm near us has a waiting list due to the amount of people who are interested in going organic with their meat recently. 

  Certainly there are two sides to every story but for those who are interested in learning a little more about what they eat the movie Food Inc. is spectacular in my opinion.  I've done a lot of other reading that supports the movie but the movie on it's own is an eye opener.


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