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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Update on The Eat From the Pantry Challenge

  Well I've determined something from this challenge.  The bulk of what I spend my $200 per two week grocery / household money on is fresh fruit, veggies and dairy.  All things that are hard for me to stock pile with my itty bitty sized fridge. 

  I had wanted to get down to $75 per week and as of 1-16-10 I am at $181.51.  I am still ahead though not as much as I had wanted to be.  I would say 75% of our produce and dairy is organic so that's not cheap.  I have not had to buy meat this month and that has been a big help.
  My hubby and I decided that we would spend the money we save in groceries this month buying organic meat from a local farm.  So far I have found a good local cattle farmer but I'm still looking for a poultry farmer.  More to come on the organic journey.......

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