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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Eating from The Pantry Savings

  Update on the Eating from the Pantry Challenge.  My spending for the week was higher than I had anticipated. I usually have a budget of $200 for a two week period.  That includes all household items (food, cleaning products, toddler wipes, health and beauty etc)  I was hoping to get it down to $150 every two weeks for January as we are eating up all the meat and leftovers in the freezer before buying more of these items.
  The good part of my shopping thus far for January is that I have purchased items that are even healthier than usual and mostly organic.  The bad part is that I have not spent that much less that what I typically spend.  From January 1st-7th my spending was $85 and change.  Not bad but not what I had wanted to get it down to. 
  If all goes well and my produce lasts like I think it will I should be able to get my shopping done next week for $65 and be able to meet my two week goal.  I am excited that the savings in my monthly food budget is going to allow me to be able to by healthier items in the long run.  Stay posted for what hubby and I have decided to do with every dollar we are saving on groceries for the month of January.  For those readers who are doing the eat from the pantry challenge how are you planning to use the money you are saving?  Are you putting it into savings, paying off bills or investing in something for yourself or the family?



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