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Sunday, January 17, 2010

My First CVS Trip For the Week of 1-17-10

  This week does not look to promising for deals so far.  I've not seen much I'm excited about at Walgreens, CVS or Target.  For a full list of CVS deals go here..

Any how I decided to venture out to CVS today for two reasons.  One I had two CRT's (One for $4/$20 makeup and skin care one for $4/$20 purchase) that were about to expire and two it's supposed to snow like cazy tomorrow so I know I will be stuck inside tomorrow.

Here's what I got:

2 Maybelline XXL mascaras $8.99 Each  = $17.98
1 CVS Dry skin facial moisturizer $6.49
2 Oust Air $3.99

Used $4/$20 CRT for makeup and skin care
Used $4/$20 Total CRT
17 ECB
1 Oust BOGO ($3.99)
Paid $3.46 OOP
I got back 11 ECB's ($15 Maybelline = 5 ECB / 2 Oust = 6 ECB)

I also got another $5/$25 CRT so I think I will got back to another CVS near me and get a few more bulk buy Cheerios, Soy Joy and Baby Shampoo.

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