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Thursday, January 28, 2010

My New Favorite Thrifty Store ****Used Book Superstore ****

   I think I may have just found my new favorite thrifty store ever.  A brand new huge used book store just opened near me.  It's a chain called The Used Book Superstore.  The deals are unbeatable!

  I know what your thinking.  Why doesn't she just go to the library.  Well I do but I must say that in the winter a good deal of my reading is done in the comforts of my bubbly tub and in the warmer months I love to read outside especially at the beach.  Neither of those reading places is great for keeping a loaned library book in tip top shape.

  Before finding the Used Book Superstore I was buying a lot of great used books on Amazon.  I think they will still be a big supplier to me but not my main source like before.  The shipping can really add up if you are an avid used book reader.  Amazon still has the largest selection of new and used media but The Used Book Superstore has a fairly vast stock.  Each of their stores boasts over 100,00 books.

  The prices can't be beat.  There are a few exceptions to the pricing but the general rule is hardcover adult $2.99, paperback adult $1.99, kids books $1.29, DVD's $4, VHS $1.49 and books on CD $6.00.  I only made it through the book section. Today was a special day they were running 50% off the entire store.  I purchased 16 books that were in great condition for $10.  I can't wait to go back next week to check out the movies.  My kids really like Lady and the Tramp.  We usually just rent movies from the library but the library's copy of that movie is starting to break down a bit.

  If you want to see if you have one of these amazing stores near you just click here.  You can also sign up for great discounts and sale updates on their website

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